Handmade with love. Our components have been carefully chosen to ensure a perfect result. We rely on products from Europe, allowing us to contribute to a better environment with short transportation distances.

Self-mixed for perfection. We lovingly mix our acrylic paints by hand to create the perfect color. We use selected acrylic paints from the Netherlands as a basis. This way we can ensure our high quality standards.


The story of ÆLJØ began with a move and many bare, white walls. For a long time, a simple color palette dominated our rooms - white. whiter. Whitest. Just when the urge for something unique and personal was at its strongest, we stumbled upon a forgotten moving box. A box filled with framed posters, generic pictures - and some bare stretcher frames in their original packaging.

Thanks to these stretcher frames, a unique idea was born. Countless evenings in the affectionately called “texture kitchen” later, the perfect structure paste was born. ÆLJØ should be the answer to the search for unique, aesthetic interior design. An answer that not only brought our spaces to life, but also our history.